Tailor-Made Tours

We plan your dream safari together. You let us know which areas you would like to see and together we plan a route for your safari that is based specifically on your wishes.
It obviously means this is a closed group for you and your family and or friends.
We can quote you any number of people that are part of your group – from 1 person to 20, everything is doable.


Here we combine your vision of a holiday with our expertise in making it happen. From selecting the lodges you wish to stay at to the areas you wish to visit, we make sure that the routes and timing are possible and will advise you accordingly. We can put together a list of accommodations and activities for every area, as well as advise on the time to spend in the areas you wish to visit.

Again, we have personal contact with you as we are able to zoom conference with you, as well as send you layouts, proposed routes and accommodation by email or whatsapp.
There are no set prices for these tours. We quote you on your planned tour and work with you to change it so your dreams and your budget are aligned.

You dream it – we make it happen

group of bee-eaters