Terms & Conditions

Quotations and Pricing:
Services are quoted on rates available at the time.

Unless otherwise specified rates are quoted in Namibia Dollar (NAD). Rates published in foreign currencies are converted at the current exchange rate on the date of invoicing. Ongoshi Offroad Expeditions reserves the right to adjust rates according to currency fluctuations until final payment has been received.

Prices are inclusive of Namibian VAT.

Prices are exclusive of commission and banking fees.

Rates are subject to change in the event of unforeseen increases by suppliers, fuel increases, government levies and taxes or any other factors beyond our control.

Rates are only valid for the dates stated on the quotation.

Quotations are estimates of travel price and subject to availability. Ongoshi Offroad Expeditions reserves the right to substitute quoted services with alternatives, should original services not be available on date of booking request.

Some accommodation establishments require a deposit payment to hold the rooms. This will not be carried by Ongoshi Offroad Expeditions, but by the agent/client.

The travel price will be adjusted to the final confirmation.

Included: as per itinerary
Park Fees
Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance
Passenger and Public Liability Cover

All expenses of personal nature
Meals not mentioned in the itinerary
Optional activities
Airport taxes
Visa to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe (if required)
Cross border fees

Group Policy:
90 days before arrival the first provisional rooming list is required.
60 days before arrival an updated provisional rooming list is required.
45 days before arrival, the final rooming list is required and cancelation fees according to the cancelation policy apply.

The confirmed tour will be invoiced at acceptance of the quote. A 30% deposit is due on acceptance, the balance due 60 days prior to arrival in Namibia. Proof of payment to be on file. If the booking is made 30 days or less prior to departure, full payment is due at the time of booking.

Payment Options:
1.) Bank Transfer (SWIFT) or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) in Namibia Dollar or South African Rand, free of any charges and deductions.

If services are not paid up in full by the travel date, Ongoshi Offroad Expeditions reserves the right to cancel all arrangements and to claim compensation for any possible damages suffered.

Our cancellation fees are as follows:
60 – 45 days before departure 30%
45 – 14 days before departure 50%
14-08 days before departure 75%
07-00 days before departure 100%

*In certain cases, some accommodation establishments have higher cancellation fees as stipulated above, which can be implemented if this can be proven by Ongoshi Offroad Expeditions

Should travellers depart before completion of tour, no refund will be given and no credit will be granted.

Southern Africa has little modern infrastructure, sparse population and vast remote areas. While every endeavour has been made to ensure smooth execution of travel plans, unforeseen factors can necessitate impromptu changes of itinerary or present temporary inconveniences until assistance is available.

Ongoshi Offroad Expeditions will undertake appropriate measures to remedy variations and delays as soon as reasonably possible.

Due to the Namibian road conditions: the majority of roads are gravel, which varies from coarse gravel to fine sand and dust, may result in the air-conditioning failing to operate during the journey.

Travelers should be familiar with the itinerary and conditions of travel in Southern Africa.

Insurance & Liability:
Ongoshi Offroad Expeditions is not responsible for any costs incurred due to changes caused by natural disasters or other factors beyond our control.

All travelers are required to have adequate travel insurance for emergency medical assistance and evacuation.

Adequate cancellation and curtailment cover, as well as luggage insurance, are recommended.

Ongoshi offroad Expeditions accepts no liability for the death, injury, sickness or damage to any person or property.

We would like to inform, that some areas in Namibia are without Wi-Fi and cellphone reception. Interruptions may occur.

Ongoshi Offroad Expeditions provides an emergency medical assistance / medical evacuation insurance cover of N$ 600 000.00 and a Passenger liability of N$ 50 000 000 .00 in SADC countries only.

Amount of guests on a tour
Ongoshi Offroad Expeditions takes a maximum of six clients on any specific tour. This is specifically designed to keep the tours small, personal and individual.

Booking process
When a client books on an Ongoshi Offroad tour, the first price quoted shall be a price for 4 participating clients. This is the minimum number of guests with which the tour will take place. Should the tour fill out to the maximum of six participating clients, the invoice amount will be reduced accordingly. In other words, the amounts will never increase, but will reduce with increasing guest numbers.

Tour not taking place
If a tour does not meet the required 4 participating guests, Ongoshi Offroad Expeditions reserves the right to ask participating guests to shift their travel time to another guaranteed booking or Ongoshi Offroad Expedition will refund the deposited amount at 100%

Conditions of Guided Tours:
Travellers shall accept and follow all reasonable instructions given by the guide. Failure to comply could cause harm to the group or individual.

Travellers should take every endeavour to positively contribute to the harmony of the group.

Ongoshi Offroad Expeditions or the guide shall be informed of any dietary requirements, ailments, disabilities or other conditions that might affect the wellbeing of the traveller.

Airline and Car Hire Clause:
Ongoshi Offroad Expeditions will act as the agent of the client when booking the client with a car hire company, an airline or air charter service. The client therefore contracts with the car hire company, airline or charter service and not with Ongoshi Offroad Expeditions, therefore Ongoshi Offroad Expeditions cannot be held liable for any price increase, cancellation, delays, loss of luggage or any other inconvenience and/or expense the client has incurred as a result of the car hire company, airline or air charter service.

And of course – the final essentials of curiosity and courage to embrace each and every sensory delight that is Africa!